169 Spaces in 83 Buildings Available Now In Birmingham

Market Overview

Birmingham, Alabama is a city that has a vibrant economy and diverse commercial office space. Birmingham is the most populous city in Alabama and is steadily growing as businesses, college students, and families migrate here. Birmingham's population was 230,650 in 2009. The greater Birmingham metropolitan area has a population over 1.2 million people, accounting for nearly one-fourth of Alabama's population. As the most demographically diverse city in Alabama, Birmingham has plenty to offer newcomers and natives alike when they are looking for commercial office space.

Birmingham's largest industry is manufacturing, encompassing everything from clothing to plumbing supplies. Transportation is the second major industry in Birmingham. It is an epicenter of the freight railroad, which translates into a strong trucking industry. The banking, telecommunications, medical care and insurance fields have all seen benefits from these two main industries. Birmingham has also established itself as an academic competitor in both the social and natural sciences.

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