4,501 Spaces in 1,604 Buildings Available Now In Chicago

Market Overview

Chicago, Illinois is the largest city in Illinois and the largest in the Midwest, making it the ideal location for office, retail and industrial space. Having a lot of commercial office space available near retail centers or downtown Chicago, these places are exceptional with the traffic flow they bring through the areas. With such a high level of diversity, this city ranks third among most heavily populated cities in the United States. Listed as having one of the most balanced economies in the U.S., Chicago is booming when it comes to office space real estate.

The best areas of Chicago to begin an office space search are throughout the Chicago Metro Network located around the suburbs and the CBD area, or the Central Business District, found in the heart of downtown. As these areas have the most traffic flow, a business in one of these districts is sure to draw the most attention and in return be the best places to sell, lease or buy office space. The Corporate Center is one of Chicago's most prestigious business centers. "Chicagoland" and the River North District are also great places to tour when looking to lease office space or buy office space.


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