3,779 Spaces in 1,248 Buildings Available Now In Las Vegas

Market Overview

Nevada’s largest city, Las Vegas, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Known as Sin City, Las Vegas has a lot to offer its near 40 million annual visitors as well as the businesses operating in the area.

Travel to and from Las Vegas is very convenient; the McCarran International Airport offers extensive domestic flights as well as international flights to Europe, Canada, South America and Asia. Las Vegas is the nation’s 7th largest city; citywide bus lines make it easy for visitors and residents to travel throughout.

As one might imagine, tourism is the driving force behind Las Vegas’ economy; it is closely followed by gaming, conventions, retail and dining. With that said, there has been a recent turn in developing corporate office space in the area, largely tech focused, for example, Zappos.com is currently investing 350 million dollars relocating their headquarters there.

If your business is considering a Vegas home, rents are low and consumer traffic is high. Retail spaces in Las Vegas are 10% vacant and the average rent is $1.36/ sq. ft. Office (22.8%; $1.88), industrial (15%; $0.43) and medical (21.1%; $2.11) spaces have higher vacancy and varying rental costs.

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