14,855 Spaces in 6,299 Buildings Available Now In Orange County

Market Overview

Looking for office space in Orange County is an experience like none other. Located along over 40 miles of California coast line, it has much to offer. Orange County has become known as a corporate hub making it an excellent place to locate an office.

Since reaching 21.8% in 2010, the vacancy rate in Orange County has dropped to 20% through the 1st quarter of 2011. The average lease has rate dropped as well, finishing the quarter at $1.96 per square foot per month.

Newport Beach in Orange Country is a prime place to look for commercial office space. Newport Beach offers executive suites with amenities including huge conference rooms, secretarial services, and answering services. Those looking for something on a smaller scale will also find the perfect place because there is space out there to fit businesses both big and small. The market has faired better in Newport Beach, where the vacancy rate finished the 1st quarter at 16.9%, so expect to pay around $2.30 per square foot per month.

Irvine is another great location to find space in Orange County. Located only 26 miles from Los Angeles, the overall vacancy rate is higher than average at around 22%. With vacancy rates on the higher end of Orange County rates, an office will be easier to find here. Despite the higher vacancy rate, Irvine’s space on average brings in higher rental rates, closing out the 1st quarter at $2.13 per square foot per month. The Anaheim area finished the quarter with a vacancy rate of 20.1%, about on par with Orange County as a whole, but also with lower rental rates, averaging around $1.74 per square foot per month.


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