3,096 Spaces in 1,514 Buildings Available Now In Sacramento

Market Overview

When looking for commercial office space in Sacramento there are a few things to consider. Think about price, space, and location. Sacramento finished the 1st quarter of 2011 with a vacancy rate of 23.1%. This makes it a great area to find office space. With higher vacancy rates there will be more office spaces available at more competitive prices and because of the vacancy rates are climbing tenants have an advantage and are able to negotiate better deals. The average cost for commercial office space at the end of the 1st quarter was around $1.76 per square foot per month and should continue to decline.

A prime location for office space in Sacramento is Midtown. Just to the east of Downtown, Midtown is an older more historic neighborhood. Combining residential and business, Midtown is full of a vast range of people and places. Properties range from old Victorian style houses to newer expensive lofts. It is home to many businesses ranging from boutiques to upscale dining, which helps make the neighborhood pedestrian friendly. Buses and light-rail lines are available in Midtown, making access to public transit both easy and varied. The current vacancy rate is much lower than the city average, at just 15.9 percent, but the availability rate is on par with the city at 25.6%. The asking lease rates run slightly lower than Sacramento’s average, with an average of $1.53 per square foot per month. Midtown also offers office sharing in many of its commercial spaces which can help cut costs.


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