• 2300 Brown Ave, Waseca, MN 56093

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Key Rooms in the Primary Building: Reception Area, Office & Cubical Facilities, Lab Room, Exercise Room, Data Center, IT Conference Room, Auditorium, Low Bay Area, Maintenance Shops, Multiple Break Rooms, 24 loading docks, 1 rail loading dock for 8 cars Storage And Warehousing Attributes: -Store Room: Multiple rows of multi-level shelving will remain -West Warehouse is insulated, not heated, -East Warehouse -One indoor Rail loading dock: served by Canadian Pacific Railway 500 feet long (capacity of 8 rail cars) Can side load/unload up to 8 rail cars simultaneously Rail is recessed such that loading is at floor level Climate controlled space -Storage Building / Garage:5 bays with overhead doors -Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS): Fully automated warehousing system Approximately 48,000 sq. ft. footprint with a ceiling height of 63 ft. 12 Levels Level 1: 1700 lbs max (assumed per bay … QG to confirm) Level 2-6: 2300 lbs max Level 7-12: 3000 lbs max Pallet Storage Spaces (total of 13,248 spaces for pallets) Level 1 12 rows 46 bays/row 2 spots/bay 1104 pallet spots Level 2-6 12 rows 46 bays/row 2 spots/bay 5520 pallet spots Level 7-12 12 rows 46 bays/row 2 spots/bay 6624 pallet spots -Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) System: For distribution of items within the main plant floor OPPORTUNITY ZONE PROPERTY. More than 800,000 SF of rail-access industrial/warehouse space. Expansive and affordable property for large scale production and shipping operations in South Central Minnesota. Close proximity to Interstate 35 and 4-lane highway access. Includes variety of amenities such as parking accommodations, executive offices, cafeteria and automated storage retrieval system.

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