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Should Remote Work Become the New Norm?

Technology has made it exponentially easier to connect and communicate online. People can video call, send emails, share documents, and manage tasks anywhere they have an internet connection.  This flexibility has led many employees to request working from home—but organizations are less excited about this laissez-faire approach.  How can you

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Understanding and Building Your Business Credit Score

If you’re a small business owner seeking financing, lenders will consider multiple factors before approving a loan. They’ll be interested in your tenure, experience, and industry—among other things. Nearly all of these factors can be boiled down to one crucial question: How likely are you to repay the money you

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The Great Debate: Should You Use an Open Office Layout?

The majority of companies in the United States use open office layouts. Whether that design includes communal work tables or low-partition workstations, these offices are a far cry from the partitioned offices of the past. “Silicon Valley firms were among the first to champion open workspaces, where employees sit shoulder

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