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Common Questions About The Cost of Opening a Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, there’s a common joke: “What’s the difference between opening a restaurant downtown and burning $1 million on the street?” Answer: none. Despite the known upfront costs in starting a restaurant, one of the most common mistakes restaurateurs make is to underestimate the initial capital and budget

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Buying commercial space

Best Practices to Inspect a Potential Commercial Real Estate Property

Whether you’re leasing or buying commercial real estate space, it’s a costly – and complicated – endeavor. And as with any long-term arrangement, it’s important to do your homework and protect your company’s best interests. That’s why a careful, thorough property inspection is an essential part of the transaction. By

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commercial real estate

A Guide to Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Your Business

In most major markets, commercial real estate leases in heavily-trafficked neighborhoods can explode a company’s monthly overhead. Besides the cost of the space itself, you may be on the hook for utilities, shared common area costs, security, supplies, and staff. But one cost that’s easily overlooked may be the most

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