Finding retail space

Examining the True Costs of Opening a New Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a costly endeavor to say the least. With so much volatility in the market and no guarantees that your establishment will take off with your intended audience, it can feel like an uphill battle before you even start the initial planning process for a new restaurant.

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Leasing retail space

A Complete Guide to Leasing a Restaurant Space

This post was updated December 3rd 2019.  An endeavor into the restaurant business is, needless to say, a challenging one. Establishments come and go like the direction of the wind, leaving business owners reeling and skeptical. Unless you’re a well-established restaurant with multiple locations, chances are you’ll be looking to

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Finding commercial space

How to Choose the Right Tenant Representation Broker

Finding the right fit in a commercial real estate lease is a challenge unto itself. Aside from researching, budgeting, and planning for an office move or expansion, there’s the lengthy and sometimes stressful endeavor of negotiating lease terms and what you’ll be responsible for paying on a monthly basis. An

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