So you’ve leased office space. Not what?

Raise your hand if you know how stressful, expensive & time consuming setting up a new office is?




That’s what we thought when we set up our new office. It was exciting and a proud moment but it also took valuable hours out of our day. We needed something or someONE to help streamline the process…fortunately for us we’re in the business of dealing with office space and all it’s intricacies and had a few tricks up our sleeves.

However, for those of you not privy to all the details, requirements and partners needed to effectively set up a new office space this can become the bane of your existence, in other words it sucks.

There are millions of sites out there to help with finding the right person for home improvements, in fact there’s a whole network (ahem HGTV) devoted to it. But what about those businesses looking to set up a new office, retail or industrial space?

Allow us to introduce you to our free Concierge services. Did someone say “Free“? Yes, completely free services  – much like a hotel concierge is there to ensure a guest’s needs are met, our concierge is there to offer direction, advice and connections to the right people to get you up and running.

Why spend hours researching a general contractor or looking through endless quotes from furniture dealers for ergonomic work stations when someone can do it for you? Especially when that someone is an office set-up expert and has your best interests in mind.

How exactly does this “free” concierge service work? (We’re serious, it’s free…)

1. You’ve leased a new space – yay! Now what?

2. Contact an Concierge and let them know what kind of space you have (office, retail or industrial) and it’s size.

3. Your concierge will then ask you a few short questions to assess what your company is going to need to get started.

4. Voila! You’ll receive a tailored list of qualified and trusted vendors eager to get your space open for business. (FYI – They’ll be expecting your call as our concierge monitors everything to make sure your office set-up runs smoothly.)

Can’t wait to get started – call your Concierge today. | 800.614.2154

P.S. No office is too small or too big for an concierge…

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