What to Consider When Moving Into A New (Or Your First) Office [Infographic]

What to Consider When Moving Into A New (Or Your First) Office [Infographic]


Infographic of What to Consider When Moving Into A New (Or Your First) Office

Moving into a new office can be a challenge both logistically and energetically. Finding an office that suits your business needs is only the first part of the process — moving in and readjusting to the new space can take some effort as well.

By having a detailed checklist of factors relating to your relocation, you can save yourself a lot of the hassle that can come up with new moves, especially if this is your first office.

Let’s take a look at some important things to consider when moving into a new professional environment:

Finding the Right Office

  • Make sure your office has enough room for your business to grow. There should be sufficient physical space for your employees to move about freely. It’s no fun feeling cramped up in the workplace!
  • Check that all of the service providers you use will cover your new location. This includes ISPs, delivery networks, and municipal resources. Keep a lookout for special access instructions such as keypad codes to share with service providers.
  • Pick a location that will inspire your employees. If they have to deal with frustrating parking situations or unreasonable commutes, workplace morale may suffer. Have a space that is conducive to productivity and innovation.

Making the Move

  • Take thorough measurements of the new office to ensure that your furnishings are the right fit. Some offices come fully furnished, saving you the hassle of designing a new layout.
  • Be sure to notify clients and business contacts of your change of address, as well as file postal redirections. If possible, keep the same phone number to minimize confusion.
  • Figure out ways to arrange the new office that would create the best possible environment for your employees. Take feedback from them to see what kind of office layout would harbor communication and creativity.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to the ideal new office space. To find the perfect new workspace or to sell/lease your old one, there’s no better resource than OfficeSpace.com. Once your business has settled into its new home, you’ll be ready to take on a whole new world of professional possibilities.

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