10 U.S. Cities Where Business is Booming [Infographic]

10 U.S. Cities Where Business is Booming


Are you wondering where to start your next business venture or where to move your growing company? Then check out this helpful guide to the most booming business destinations!

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma hit the #1 spot on WalletHub’s list of “Top 10 Cities for Entrepreneurs and Startups.” OKC sports solid scores in all three of their categories—business environment, access to resources, and business costs.

Austin, TX

A favorite for millennials, the lively social scene with a focus on art and food makes Austin a strong contender for your next business location. The huge pool of fresh talent and the exploding tech field lay the groundwork for modern businesses to grow here.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte has been noted as one of the best places to launch a startup by Business.org. It’s no accident that many top US companies host their headquarters here!

Minneapolis, MN

This twin city has shown big promise, with over 120% startup growth, based on US Census Bureau data.

Columbus, OH

One of the most affordable cities on our list, this state capital recently earned a $277 million Smart City grant.

San Diego, CA

Beaches make for big business. Forbes chose San Diego as the top city to launch a business in, based on the strong community engagement with small businesses.

Denver, CO

“Mile High Country” surrounds this city, which is popular for recent college grads. Business.org rated Denver in their “Top 10 Cities for Entrepreneurs and Startups.”

Portland, OR

Startup growth in this artsy city is nearly double what you’ll see in the bigger Pacific Northwest metro of Seattle.

Chicago, IL

The Windy City is home to many iconic brands, and new ventures can find bustling community involvement here. Chicago is known as “The City That Works”, which explains why it hosts over two dozen of the country’s fastest-growing businesses.

Houston, TX

Though it may be known for oil industry and NASA, Houston is one of the best homes for a startup. “Hustletown” sits pretty in the top three of WalletHub’s “Business Environment” rankings.

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