Tenant and Commercial Real Estate Pro FAQ

Tenant Questions

It’s easy to set up your free account. Just go to OfficeSpace.com and click on Sign up.

We’ll also create a free account for you when you submit an inquiry form on OfficeSpace.com. This will allow you to login and manage messages from brokers or leasing representatives after they get in touch with you.

Brokers and landlords list their available spaces on OfficeSpace.com. When you inquire about a space, the leasing representative or an OfficeSpace.com team member will reach out to you to address any questions and to learn more about your space needs.

We are NOT a brokerage firm, nor do we represent any tenants. We’re simply here to help you find the best possible space and to connect you with a broker or expert in your area. Our goal is to make your commercial search as painless as possible.

Nothing, it’s 100% free.

OfficeSpace.com features hundreds of thousands of commercial spaces nationwide. You can search for all types of commercial spaces including office, co-working, retail, industrial, medical, flex, land, and more.

After submitting an inquiry for a space, either the leasing representative will be in touch or an OfficeSpace.com team member will reach out right away to learn more about your space requirements and to connect you to the right people.

Preferred OfficeSpace.com partners may also be in touch to discuss other related services. 

When you see a space that meets your needs, fill out an inquiry form on the building page and specify that you want to tour the space in the comment box of the form. Either the leasing representative will be in touch with next steps or an OfficeSpace.com team member will reach out right away to help facilitate a tour with the leasing representative or a local tenant rep broker.

Brokers receive multiple calls on their listings and from time to time they may be delayed in getting back to you. We often give listing brokers a courtesy email if we notice that there hasn’t been a response, but ultimately, we have no direct control over their responsiveness.

If you are a serious tenant looking to lease space and a broker has not returned your call, please call us at directly at (800) 560-3544. One of our team members will be glad to help connect you with another broker in your area who can help.

If your inquiry is not directly related to leasing space (like questions related to building maintenance) it’s best to call the property manager as listing brokers are likely unable to address non-leasing inquiries.

Yes, absolutely. We work with a number of tenant rep brokers all over the country who are able to help you find the right space for your business. Please call us at directly at (800) 560-3544 – one of our team members would be happy to discuss your needs and to connect you with a local tenant rep broker.

The listing agent has the ‘listing’ on the property and represents the interests of the building owner or landlord. A tenant representation broker represents the interests of the tenant in a lease transaction. Some agents work exclusively on listings, others will take on tenant representation engagements only, while others will work on both.

It’s important to understand that all representatives are paid as a percentage of the value of your lease and by the landlord.

You do not pay any out of pocket expenses to use a broker. The landlord pays your broker commissions based on your lease terms and has already taken this into account in the rental rates. It’s important that you know this, as your broker should be working hard for you to earn their commission.

Depending on how complex your individual situation is, it may be expensive to not use a broker. A good broker can help save you money in many ways including rate negotiations, tenant improvement negotiations, pocket space negotiations, right of first refusal, or even getting your new landlord to buyout your existing lease. If you need help connecting with a local broker in your area to help represent you, call us at (800) 560-3544. We’re happy to provide recommendations.

Yes, all searches default to our interactive map view. You can use advanced filters on the search bar to further narrow your search and save your search parameters to receive email updates on any new inventory added to OfficeSpace.com.

You bet! We offer free market surveys which we’ll curate based on your needs. To get started, give us a call at (800) 560-3544 or send us an email at info@officespace.com with more information on what you’re looking for.

Rent calculations are posted in terms of estimated dollars per month to keep things consistent for you. If your lease is NNN, we’ve taken the stated operating costs for the previous year and applied it to the rent. If you have a gross rate, then we simply multiply the rate times square footage and divide by 12. We know that our number may not be exact, but our goal is to provide tenants with a number as close as possible to what their actual rent payment would look like per month.

Contact us immediately at info@officespace.com or (800) 560-3544. One of our team members can help connect you with a local tenant rep broker or leasing agent and make sure that you have options suitable for your move-in time frame.

You can contact us at info@officespace.com or give us a call (800) 560-3544.

Real Estate Pro Questions

It’s easy to set up your free account. Just go to OfficeSpace.com and click on Sign up.

Once logged in, visit our For Real Estate Pros menu to access all of the tools and services available for professionals in commercial real estate.

OfficeSpace.com is a free, nationwide platform for all types of commercial listings for lease and sale – including office, retail, industrial, flex and land. Unlike other listing services, OfficeSpace.com is completely open and free for all users. Tenants and buyers can search and access as many as listings as they want.

We are NOT a brokerage firm, nor do we represent any tenants. Our goal is to simply help connect tenants and brokers.

No! You can list any type of commercial space on OfficeSpace.com – including office, co-working, retail, industrial, medical, flex, land, and more! We also feature listings for lease and sale. 

It’s 100% free. There’s no charge to add listings.

We are a nationwide platform and have current listing information for all markets

Every broker or property owner has a unique number and extension tied to their property. When a prospective tenant or buyers calls that number, the call is routed directly to the phone number we have on file for you. This allows us to provide you with real-time caller intelligence (such as the name of the caller, their phone number, and company if available).

Notifications with the caller ID details are emailed to you whenever you receive a call from a user on OfficeSpace.com. You can also login and visit the Calls tab under the For Real Estate Pros menu to access call logs and caller ID details.

Click on For Real Estate Pros and visit the “Buildings” tab. You will need to create your free account if you don’t already have one.

Under the “Buildings” tab, you’ll be prompted to enter in the address of the property you want to add.


If the address you entered closely matches any existing entries, you’ll have the option to submit a request to claim a property.

Once selected, your claim will automatically be queued up for review. An internal OfficeSpace.com staff member will either approve your claim or be in touch within 24 hours.

If a space has already been claimed by another party, you may not be able to claim the listing. If you are a broker and you have been awarded the listing or are the landlord, please contact us at (800) 560-3544 or info@officespace.com – we’ll help make the change for you.

Login to your account and visit the For Real Estate Pros menu. From here you can update and edit listings under the Buildings tab.

Yes, we’ll email you a friendly reminder to update your spaces once a month. However, it’s in your best interest to keep all your spaces up to date so that potential tenants and buyers have the best and most current information.

To update your listings directly, you can login to OfficeSpace.com and visit your Buildings tab under the For Real Estate Pros menu. You can also send us your flyers to listings@officespace.com, and we’ll be happy to queue it up for an update. Please note, we can only accept flyers with photos that you have full-rights to.

Featured Listings are premium placements given to your properties. They are strategically placed in highly trafficked, visible areas and receive up to 13x more tenant leads than regular listings. To feature a listing, visit the Featured tab in your For Real Estate Pros page.

For bulk features, please contact our staff member, John Heimbigner, at (206) 287-1918 or info@officespace.com.

Please contact us for more information on becoming a referral partner for OfficeSpace.com at (206) 673-4787 or sales@officespace.com.

To remove any photos for your properties, please contact us at (206) 673-4787 or email us at support@officespace.com.

We use neighborhoods boundary data provided by Zillow under Creative Commons license.