and SharpLaunch announce integration partnership to provide more opportunities for tenants and buyers.

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Daniel Trainor

Daniel Trainor and SharpLaunch announce integration partnership to provide more opportunities for tenants and buyers. is excited to announce our partnership with SharpLaunch in 2024. Together and SharpLaunch work to serve owners, brokers, leasing brokers, and tenant representation brokers creating a better for-sale and for-lease commercial real estate experience. Additionally this partnership allows to provide more opportunities to tenants and buyers searching for commercial real estate across the U.S. 


What this means for users:

More Listings: Through this integration partnership, SharpLaunch CRE listings are automatically syndicated to the marketplace. This means that users have access to thousands more for-sale and for-lease listings.

Completely Free: As an user, it is free to browse all of the listings on our marketplace. Browse, research, and inquire about as many commercial real estate listings as you would like, anywhere in the U.S. and easily get in touch with local CRE pros to help you along the way.

For Brokers: Fast, easy syndication. “We’ve made it incredibly simple for you. With just one click, you can have all your properties syndicated on It’s powered by APIs, which means there’s no need for you to create a separate account on It’s all seamlessly integrated into your SharpLaunch experience.” –SharpLaunch


“We’re excited to announce our integration partnership with SharpLaunch. This partnership allows us to provide more opportunities and more listings for the tenants and brokers we serve. Together SharpLaunch and are creating a more positive CRE experience for all –  enabling brokers with more efficient marketing and tenants and buyers better access to commercial real estate across the U.S.” 

-Ember Erickson, COO –


Ready to start searching for your next commercial property to purchase or lease – start your search for free on Brokers, creating a listing is free and easy, from the website just click “List for Free” to get started.


About SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch is an all-in-one digital marketing platform tailor-made for commercial property professionals. It is designed to enhance asset visibility, simplify marketing activities, and ultimately save valuable time.

For commercial property owners, asset managers, and brokers, SharpLaunch offers an intuitive suite of marketing tools. These tools enable users to create stunning property websites, virtual tours, and listing presentations effortlessly. The platform simplifies the management of property data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is always available to potential tenants and buyers.


“We are proud to announce our strategic syndication partnership with This partnership opens new avenues to showcase commercial properties and empowers our clients with broader visibility in the dynamic CRE market. The combined strength of our platforms will elevate property marketing and create unparalleled value for our clients.” 

– Bob Samii – Founder/CEO at SharpLaunch


You can learn more about SharpLaunch and their suite of CRE marketing tools by visiting their website:


Having access to a broader range of listings provides a significant advantage for buyers and tenants when searching for a commercial lease or investment property. The value lies in the increased opportunities to find a property that perfectly aligns with their specific preferences, requirements, and budget. A larger pool of listings means more choices, allowing buyers and tenants to explore diverse options and select a property that best suits their needs.


One key benefit is the ability to compare multiple properties, enabling individuals and businesses to make more informed decisions. With a wide array of listings, buyers and tenants can assess various features, amenities, and price points, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of the market. This comparative analysis empowers tenants and buyers alike to identify the most suitable property based on their priorities, whether it be location, size, amenities, or other crucial factors.


Access to an extensive range of listings also promotes competitive pricing and negotiation opportunities. Buyers and tenants can leverage the availability of multiple options to negotiate more favorable terms with sellers or landlords. This dynamic marketplace encourages a fair and transparent negotiation process, ensuring that parties involved can reach agreements that benefit both sides.


Furthermore, a diverse selection of listings enhances the likelihood of discovering hidden gems or properties that may have been overlooked in a more limited search. Buyers and tenants may find unique opportunities that meet their specific criteria but were not initially on their radar. This broad exposure to available properties enriches the overall property search experience, turning it into a discovery process that goes beyond conventional choices.

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