and SharpLaunch announce integration partnership to provide more opportunities for tenants and buyers. and SharpLaunch announce integration partnership to provide more opportunities for tenants and buyers. is excited to announce our partnership with SharpLaunch in 2024. Together and SharpLaunch work to serve owners, brokers, leasing brokers, and tenant representation brokers creating a better for-sale and for-lease commercial real estate experience. Additionally this partnership allows to provide more opportunities to tenants and buyers searching for commercial real estate across the U.S. 


What this means for users:

More Listings: Through this integration partnership, SharpLaunch CRE listings are automatically syndicated to the marketplace. This means that users have access to thousands more for-sale and for-lease listings.

Completely Free: As an user, it is free to browse all of the listings on our marketplace. Browse, research, and inquire about as many commercial real estate listings as you would like, anywhere in the U.S. and easily get in touch with local CRE pros to help you along the way.

For Brokers: Fast, easy syndication. “We’ve made it incredibly simple for you. With just one click, you can have all your properties syndicated on It’s powered by APIs, which means there’s no need for you to create a separate account on It’s all seamlessly integrated into your SharpLaunch experience.” –SharpLaunch


“We’re excited to announce our integration partnership with SharpLaunch. This partnership allows us to provide more opportunities and more listings for the tenants and brokers we serve. Together SharpLaunch and are creating a more positive CRE experience for all –  enabling brokers with more efficient marketing and tenants and buyers better access to commercial real estate across the U.S.” 

-Ember Erickson, COO –


Ready to start searching for your next commercial property to purchase or lease – start your search for free on Brokers, creating a listing is free and easy, from the website just click “List for Free” to get started.


About SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch is an all-in-one digital marketing platform tailor-made for commercial property professionals. It is designed to enhance asset visibility, simplify marketing activities, and ultimately save valuable time.

For commercial property owners, asset managers, and brokers, SharpLaunch offers an intuitive suite of marketing tools. These tools enable users to create stunning property websites, virtual tours, and listing presentations effortlessly. The platform simplifies the management of property data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is always available to potential tenants and buyers.


“We are proud to announce our strategic syndication partnership with This partnership opens new avenues to showcase commercial properties and empowers our clients with broader visibility in the dynamic CRE market. The combined strength of our platforms will elevate property marketing and create unparalleled value for our clients.” 

– Bob Samii – Founder/CEO at SharpLaunch


You can learn more about SharpLaunch and their suite of CRE marketing tools by visiting their website:


Having access to a broader range of listings provides a significant advantage for buyers and tenants when searching for a commercial lease or investment property. The value lies in the increased opportunities to find a property that perfectly aligns with their specific preferences, requirements, and budget. A larger pool of listings means more choices, allowing buyers and tenants to explore diverse options and select a property that best suits their needs.


One key benefit is the ability to compare multiple properties, enabling individuals and businesses to make more informed decisions. With a wide array of listings, buyers and tenants can assess various features, amenities, and price points, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of the market. This comparative analysis empowers tenants and buyers alike to identify the most suitable property based on their priorities, whether it be location, size, amenities, or other crucial factors.


Access to an extensive range of listings also promotes competitive pricing and negotiation opportunities. Buyers and tenants can leverage the availability of multiple options to negotiate more favorable terms with sellers or landlords. This dynamic marketplace encourages a fair and transparent negotiation process, ensuring that parties involved can reach agreements that benefit both sides.


Furthermore, a diverse selection of listings enhances the likelihood of discovering hidden gems or properties that may have been overlooked in a more limited search. Buyers and tenants may find unique opportunities that meet their specific criteria but were not initially on their radar. This broad exposure to available properties enriches the overall property search experience, turning it into a discovery process that goes beyond conventional choices. partners with Lendio to make capital more accessible for small businesses.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 99.9% of businesses in the United States are small businesses. This means that there are over 33 million small businesses in the US. Small businesses are defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

Small businesses play a vital role in the US economy. They create jobs, drive innovation, and boost economic growth. In fact, small businesses employ around 61.7 million workers, making up almost half of all employees in the U.S.

However, small businesses also face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is access to capital, which leads to many of them failing. Small businesses sometimes don’t have the collateral or credit history to qualify for traditional bank loans. This can make it difficult to finance growth, expansion, or survival. The world of commercial real estate and small business financing is complex and many small businesses seek trusted partners to help guide them towards their goals. and Lendio: providing support to small business growth. has a long-time partnership with Lendio, a leading small business loan marketplace. Whether you’re searching for your first commercial space or looking to expand your business, and Lendio are here to support your success.

Who is Lendio?

Lendio is a small business loan marketplace, with a large network of highly-vetted lenders and financial products. With a single free application, you can compare loan products and lenders, and get custom funding offers suited to your business needs. Applying with Lendio does not hurt your credit score, and is obligation free. 

When you apply through Lendio, you’re assigned a dedicated personal funding manager who will ask about your needs, walk you through different loan options, and help you choose the perfect small business loan.

You won’t have to deal with brokers, banks, or convoluted financial jargon. Lendio keeps it simple so you can make informed decisions and find financing fast.

Why chose Lendio

With over a decade of experience in small business lending and 20,000+ TrustPilot reviews, small business owners trust Lendio with their business financing needs. Lendio has helped secure capital for over 350,000 small businesses just like yours.

What financial products are available with Lendio?

Whether you’re looking to fund your next commercial office space, or something else related to expanding your business, Lendio can match you to the right lenders and help you compare offers.

 These are the most common financial products small business owners choose with Lendio:

  • SBA Loan
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Business Term Loan
  • Business Cash Advance
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Commercial Mortgage


How do I get started?

Click here to get started with your application. Lendio’s in-house customer support team is available to help with any questions you may have throughout the process.

Learn more about Lendio here:

Tax Season is Upon Us. Are Your Books in Order?

If not, you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with Bench to help connect tenants with better tools to run their business. users can now get a free one-month trial and an additional 20% off the first 6 months of bookkeeping. 

If you feel behind on your bookkeeping you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with their books throughout the year. That adds a lot of stress come tax season, but it also makes it a lot harder to uncover ever tax deduction you deserve.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bench to offer business owners (tenants) with an easier solution – and at a discounted price. visitors Bench provides a seamless way to manage tax season, as well as your finances throughout the year.

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It Just Got Even Easier to Add Listings to

While it has always been free and easy to add your listings to, we’re excited to announce that it just got even easier!

Over the last couple of weeks, you may have been contacted about sending us your flyers, personal websites, or adding us to your e-blast. We now have a dedicated team that will update your listings at no cost or disruption to you. Simply send us your flyers, email us your company websites, or add us to your e-blasts – we’ll take care of the rest.

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One Broker’s Enduring Entrepreneurial Spirit

Big Payoff with Tenant Connect for a MBA grad turned CRE broker.

Company: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commercial Division
Markets: Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton OH
– 60 closed transactions
– $250,000+ in revenue
– 30% revenue growth
– Increased tenant rep more than two fold


As an MBA graduate with an extensive business background in Finance and Operations, David Mussari is no stranger to entrepreneurship. In fact, it was his interest in entrepreneurial opportunities that became the catalyst for his development as a commercial real estate broker.

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New Partnership Brings Commercial Property Data to EDOs

We’re excited to announce that has joined forces with Community Systems, a leading technology company dedicated to the economic development industry. Through this partnership,‘s commercial listings will now be exclusively featured on economic development organization (EDO) websites across the country and visible to thousands of site selectors, brokers, and companies seeking commercial property data nationwide. 

Continue reading “New Partnership Brings Commercial Property Data to EDOs” and Apto Partnership Brings Greater Exposure to Apto Customers.


If you’re an Apto customer, your life just got a lot easier!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Apto to provide all Apto users with the ability to automatically publish their listings directly to

This means that you no longer have to worry about updating across both platforms and can now syndicate your data on without ever leaving your Apto account. By publishing to, you’ll boost your listings’ exposure and lead pipeline as hundreds of thousands of tenants and brokers search for CRE space on every month.

The best part? All it takes is a click of a button from your Apto account to begin syncing your listings, and there’s no additional cost to you.

To get started:

  • Pull up your listing on Apto.
  • Publish your listing to with a click of a button.
  • Instantly get exposure to tenants searching
  • Start getting tenant inquiries directly and add/manage them on Apto.

To learn more about this partnership and Apto, check out the Apto blog.

Learn more about Apto:

Created by commercial real estate brokers, Apto is the leading web-based software for managing client relationships, properties, listings, and deals. Apto streamlines the entire deal lifecycle. Request a demo today.

What’s The Most Important Service a Broker Can Provide a Tenant?

In order to better understand how closely brokers’ and tenants’ expectations aligned, we decided to ask the following question: What is the most important service a broker can provide a tenant?

Check out the responses below to see the top answers provided by both sides. You might be surprised to see the differences in the feedback we got.

What is the most important service a broker can provide a tenant?

Top broker responses:

Broker Replies.png


  • Market knowledge: 21% of responses
  • Locating a space that meets their needs: 15% of responses
  • Good communication/Timeliness: 13% of responses
  • Accuracy: 12% of responses
  • Lease negotiations: 10% of responses
  • Honesty: 7% of responses
  • CRE knowledge/ advice: 6% of responses

Top tenant responses:

Tenant Replies.png


  • Good communication/Timeliness: 37% of responses
  • Locating a space that meets their needs: 15% of responses
  • Helping them get a good deal: 12% of responses
  • Honesty: 8% of responses
  • Market knowledge: 6% of responses
  • Negotiation skills: 5% of responses
  • Access to hard-to-find listings: 4% of responses

What conclusions can we draw from this?

Market knowledge may not be the most important attribute for a broker from the tenant’s perspective. While this was the number one response from brokers, less than 2% of tenant responses had market knowledge listed as most important broker service.

The second most popular response from brokers was locating a space that meets the tenant’s needs.  Tenants too felt that this was important, and it was a match for second place.  There’s really no surprise here, this is a universal expectation.  

Good and timely communication from brokers is essential for tenants, making this attribute the number one ranked response from tenants with 37% of the responses. Only 13% of brokers marked this as the most important attribute, ranking it the third most popular attribute among broker responses.

Tenants want to get a good deal, and they expect their brokers to help. This answer seems like a no-brainer, so we were surprised that there was a bit of a mismatch between the two groups. For tenants, this was listed in their top three responses. For brokers, this came in as the 12th most popular response with only a small percentage falling this category. We could dive into the differences of responses between landlord representative brokers and tenant representative brokers, and hopefully we would see a difference. However, if we take this at face value, brokers who leverage this attribute could have a big opportunity to attract new clients. 

Tell us what you think! Is this feedback different from what you had expected?

How Are Tenants Searching for Office Space?

Finding your first office space can be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking experiences. The team here at has interacted with millions of tenants who have been in the same position.

This is why in an effort to shed some light on the process, we recently surveyed tenants about their search experience. Part of what we found out was what we expected, while some responses took us by surprise. Here’s a look at what tenants shared with us about their CRE search experience.

How much time did you spend researching commercial real estate leasing online prior to connecting with a broker?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.27.52 PM.png

When asked how much time they spent researching CRE leasing online prior to connecting with a broker, almost have of our respondents (45%) selected “within days”.

How many brokers did you reach out to before selecting one to work with?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.36.30 PM.png

Over half of our participants (54%) also revealed that they had not yet selected a broker to work with yet. Of those who did, 32% said they reached out to 2 to 5 different brokers before selecting one.

If you have not yet selected a broker, where are you now with your space search?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.33.41 PM.png

For those who had not yet selected a broker, 33% had told us that they decided to look for space on their own when asked where they currently were with their space search. 11% of the 33% who decided to look on their own also reported that brokers had not responded to their initial inquiries, so there wasn’t much choice.

How many spaces did you see, or plan on seeing, during your search?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.30.09 PM.png

In regards to space searches, we also asked how many spaces they’ve seen or planned on seeing during their search. More than half (54%) said between 2 to 5.

Do you have a preference for working with a tenant representative’s broker or a landlord’s representative’s broker to help you find a space?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.32.01 PM.png

When asked if they had a preference to work with the landlord’s broker or a tenant representative’s broker, 37% of our respondents did not know the difference between the two.  The majority of tenants did not have a preference (44%) while 14% preferred to work specifically with a tenant representative’s broker and 6% preferred to work with the landlord’s broker.

Did you end up signing a lease with the broker you decided to work with?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.32.19 PM.png

Finally, over 66% of tenants said that they did not sign a lease with the broker they initially selected to work with. When we asked for their reasons, 50% had to do with a negative experience with their broker, 26% of the tenants had a change in circumstances in their situation and 18% were still looking for the right space.

We would love to hear from tenants and brokers on our research. Does this information surprise you or is it what you would have expected?