Commercial Real Estate Letters of Intent: Everything You Need to Know

After you’ve done your research, worked with your tenant representation broker, participated in site tours, and figured out your budget, the perfect commercial real estate property is finally in your sights.

Unlike most residential real estate deals, commercial real estate is complex, complicated, and often progresses at a glacial pace. Existing tenants may need time to vacate. Major systems will need maintenance and upgrades. Build-out details will need to be verified and finalized. But until the ink is dry, prospective tenants don’t want to let a suitable property pass them by.

The answer? A signed Letter of Intent (LOI), declaring your formal interest in purchasing or leasing a commercial real estate property.

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John is the VP of Sales at where he leads broker relations and sales. Prior to being VP of Sales, he was the Regional  Director for the company. John has over 25 years of experience working in the commercial real estate industry. Before, John was a commercial real estate broker for the Norman Company in Seattle, WA.