Discovering the Hidden Costs of Leasing an Office Space

Once you’ve located your ideal space (after a lengthy search, tour, and negotiation process), the real work begins. Moving, logistics, and continuity of business are your prime concerns, but there’s more you should consider before signing the lease and securing the keys.

Hopefully, you’ve been transparent about the amount of monthly rent your company can afford, taking into account average utility costs as your business grows and you add to your headcount. That line item for rent may not be what it seems, though. Hidden or obfuscated costs of leasing an office space can cripple a young business’ budget, leaving you on the hook for an extra chunk of change that may not have been clearly communicated to you during the negotiation process.

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John is the VP of Sales at where he leads broker relations and sales. Prior to being VP of Sales, he was the Regional  Director for the company. John has over 25 years of experience working in the commercial real estate industry. Before, John was a commercial real estate broker for the Norman Company in Seattle, WA.