What You Need to Know Before You Sublease an Office Space

If you’ve been in the market for commercial real estate space, you know the difficulties that come with finding and securing the right space for your budget. Outside of a long-term rental commitment with a landlord, your options are limited between subleasing office space or a shared office space.

Most commercial real estate leases involve the tenant renting space from a landlord or property owner, but subleasing extra space complicates the agreement a bit. Tenants become responsible for the subtenants, meaning they pay for their space and you pass along your portion of the rent to the tenant. Prime candidates for subleasing office space include sole proprietors, freelancers, and startups seeking an affordable alternative to full-blown commercial real estate leases.

But there are plenty of aspects of an office sublease that should be taken into account before you take on someone else’s lease – and start saving a significant portion of your rent.

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John is the VP of Sales at OfficeSpace.com where he leads broker relations and sales. Prior to being VP of Sales, he was the Regional  Director for the company. John has over 25 years of experience working in the commercial real estate industry. Before OfficeSpace.com, John was a commercial real estate broker for the Norman Company in Seattle, WA.